From WordPress to Jekyll

As a geek I like to fiddle. This Saturday I wondered how difficult it’d be to transition this blog from WordPress over to Jekyll, the transition containing both the old posts and the theme.

Album art vs. search box

I’ve been using Spotify for a long time now, practically from the beginning it was available in Finland. Today I unsubscribed. Why? Glad you asked!

Habits & focus, my nemesises

Getting excited and starting new things is always super easy for me. I tend to get easily excited and quickly burnt out and lose interest on things that just don’t stick. One example is video games; I have a quite respectable collection of PS3 games that I have started but are now gathering dust in the closet. In case of games continuing them gets even harder when time passes, as it’s often hard to recall the controls (the tutorials are long gone) and remember what was happening during the storyline.

Investing in WordPress

Yes, thank you. I know WordPress is 11 years old. I know it’s not that rare that someone finds a gaping hole in WordPress1. I know PHP isn’t exactly the new hotness (especially 5.2.4, which WP still uses). To be totally honest, I used to be a big believer in custom-built software, that is, building admin-UIs and APIs from scratch using Grails or Node or what have you.

The Developer's Dystopian Future

My tolerance for learning curves grows smaller every day. New technologies, once exciting for the sake of newness, now seem like hassles. I’m less and less tolerant of hokey marketing filled with superlatives. I value stability and clarity.

Staying up to date with iOS development world

There are a lot of resources to follow, browse and read when it comes to iOS development. I listen to podcasts, follow RSS feeds and Twitter discussions around iOS development but if you just want one good source, it’s iOS Dev Weekly, an email newsletter that curates all the most relevant stuff once a week. Recommended++.