First step’s the hardest

So I finally managed to start a blog. I’ve been agonizing on so many things for such a long time. Wondering about what to write about? What platform to use? Should I self-host or go for a hosted service?1 Does anyone care what I write about? Is it even worth starting, knowing that I might just abandon the whole thing after three posts? Do people even read blogs anymore?

Then today at work I had a brief discussion with my colleague about the matter. Turns out, he has had similar thoughts for quite a while. So we decided to do it (Mike’s blog can be found here), knowing that both of us has at least one reader 🙂

Overthinking tends to yield more thinking, but nothing concrete. Sometimes just winging it and seeing where it takes you might be just what fits the bill.

  1. I’m still planning on self-hosting, I’ve yet to make a choice on where to host it. 

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