My Bookmarking Flow

I live and breathe in Google Reader. Sometimes (quite often) there arises a need to save a webpage for later, either because I don’t have the time to read it or I just want to save the page for referencing to later. Here’s how my process used to go with Google Reader:

  • Find an interesting article
  • Hit the star button to trigger IFTTT
  • IFTTT would then send the starred article to Instapaper so I could catch up later
  • Instapaper would post all articles sent to it to for more permanent storage.

Then when I consumed the saved pages:

  • I’d hit Instapaper ~weekly and process at least part of the queued pages
  • processing meaned “read and possibly move to a more persistent storage” such as local bookmark or re-add to with appropriate tags

Then referencing to a previously saved article went like this:

  • Start typing somewhat relevant words in Chrome’s Omnibox hoping to find the page from history
  • If not found in history, googling it.

Why googling when the article is always pushed to in the end? Because I find it far easier and way faster to just google the page, instead of opening a new tab and browsing to, (possibly) logging in, and then attempting to search my bookmark library there.

So now I’ve found a better solution for these certain kind of higher quality / more important (yet not so important they’d live in browser bookmark bar) to me bookmarks. In fact, the solution has been staring me in the eye for quite a while now, but I’ve discarded it as “just another read it later -service”.

But no, I realized Kippt is just suited for scratching this kind of itch. For example, as my day job as a web programmer I run across many handy JavaScript libraries and articles. Many of these I think I could use at some future project, so I created a Kippt list for JS stuff. Now please note, this list is not for dumping every possible JS related blog post, but only for high quality content I most probably would otherwise end up googling. And sometimes it’s not that straightforward to find the thing in mind (it was a great jQuery lightbox…name just slips my mind…let me google for jQuery ligh-holy hell! THREE MILLION RESULTS!?).

So, Kippt. For high quality web content. Also, it’s super pretty!

I’m anttti on Kippt.

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