Castin’ Some Pods

Me and my pal Jarkko started a tech podcast called Tyyppimuunnos (Typecast in English). It’s in Finnish but I thought I’d still write my thoughts about it here.

The Finnish podcast scene is weak, especially in the tech side. There are or have been a couple of podcasts, but many have died, release episodes few and far between or are just about the latest Android gadgets of the week. Me and Jarkko have a bit different show in our minds.

First of all, the goal of each and every Tyyppimuunnos episode is to be such a timeless piece of art that it should be possible to listen to the episode two-three years from now and it should still be interesting. We’re attempting this by choosing topics such as remote work, GTD, building distributed systems and things of that nature.

Second, the release schedule of Tyyppimuunnos will be weekly. Let’s see how that goes.

Third, we strive for optimal audio quality. There are so many poor-sounding, recorded-over-Skype-with-laptop’s-internal-mic kinda podcasts and we definitely will not be one of them.

Big words, huh? It remains to be seen whether our asses can cash those checks, but I’m definitely excited!

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