Album art vs. search box

I’ve been using Spotify for a long time now, practically from the beginning it was available in Finland. Today I unsubscribed. Why? Glad you asked!

About a year ago when iTunes Match became available in Finland I began my epic quest of ripping all of my CDs into m4a format. I imported every single CD I could find in this household (yes, even the embarrassing 90’s stuff) and subscribed to iTunes Match. The process was a bit numbing and labor intensive, yet quite painless. Then I practically forgot about iTunes Match and continued to listen to music on Spotify.

But today it hit me; I seem to listen to same artists and playlists time and time again in Spotify. It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy other music, it’s just that with Spotify, finding new music has been awfully hard for me. In fact, even finding old-to-me music has been hard because of my lousy memory! After short introspection it became clear to me: finding music on Spotify is quite like trying to order food from a restaurant that doesn’t have a menu. Instead of asking the waitress whether they serve AC/DC, I’d rather glance through the record shelf looking for meatballs & pasta. iTunes presents me my modest record collection (650 albums) in a neatly browsable format where it’s easy for me to find out what I’d like to listen today. I love album art and it breaks my heart that physical music media is going away and flipping through album covers beats an empty search box any given day.

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