From WordPress to Jekyll

As a geek I like to fiddle. This Saturday I wondered how difficult it’d be to transition this blog from WordPress over to Jekyll, the transition containing both the old posts and the theme.

So I jumped in, installed Jekyll and fiddled with rbenv et al. for a while until I got the environment working well enough1. Jekyll’s documentation is really good and the whole thing is pretty well thought out; especially the post meta information handling is nice and flexible, allowing for example easily adding support for link posts.

The whole conversion process (including exporting data from WP, importing them to Jekyll, theming Jekyll, publishing the blog with GitHub Pages and finally making point to here) took around 3-4 hours. I’m extremely pleased at the moment.

The only thing I’m just a tad worried about is how this is going to affect my actual blogging… as you might have noticed, I’m not that frequent writer and since a static site generator just adds complexity to the process… we’ll see.

Anyway. If anything’s broken please let me know, otherwise have a nice day!

  1. I have an impedance mismatch with Ruby, but I decided to lay it aside for now. I still have to mention I’m getting these /Users/antti/.rbenv/versions/2.2.0/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/liquid-2.6.1/lib/liquid/htmltags.rb:43: warning: duplicated key at line 46 ignored: "index0" errors every time I run jekyll… 

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