From Jekyll to WordPress

Yeah, so… as a geek I like to fiddle. Too long has gone since I last wrote anything to my public journal of sorts that this website attempts to be. For some reason a few days ago I got the itch again, the itch that can only be scratched by hacking away ssh’ing on a VPS, tuning things, installing and updating software. It feels like an incremental game to me for some reason, watching the updates fly by.

I got nothing of that sort by having my website hosted on GitHub Pages though! It’s an awesome service, but things needed to change just for the sake of change. Maybe this time I’ve found my peace with WordPress, with it’s React-powered Gutenberg editor and all.

Anyway, I’ll be mostly using this blog as a public notebook of things for myself to check back, kinda like what I’ve been doing with GitHub Gists. Just a (maybe) prettier, more organized and better searchable repository of… stuff.