Gear Keyboards

Programming Vortex Race 3

  1. Switch to a programmable (=non-default) layer by hitting Fn+ Right Shift
  2. Hit Fn + Right Cmd (or Ctrl)
  3. A white LED switches on under the space bar, that means we’re now in programming mode
  4. Press the key to be re-mapped (a red LED starts flashing)
  5. Hit the target key (or key sequence)
  6. Commit by pressing the Pn key
  7. Exit the programming mode by pressing Fn + Right Cmd (or Ctrl)

Let’s have an example. In my ISO Nordic version of the Race 3 for some reason the § and < keys are mapped just the opposite as what’s printed on the keycaps. Here’s the exact keys I press to change them vice versa:

  1. Fn + Right Shift
  2. Fn + Right Cmd
  3. §
  4. <
  5. Pn
  6. <
  7. §
  8. Pn
  9. Fn + Right Cmd

If I mess up and need to reset the current layer, I can do so by pressing and holding Fn + R for 5 seconds.