Woodworking project ideas

My scratchpad of ideas:

  • Floor lamp to our livingroom
  • A narrow shelf between the back of our bed and the wall
  • A case for a keyboard
    • 304 x 95 mm PCB KBD67
    • Also, a carrying case?
    • 29,4 x 10,7 x 3-4 cm Idobo
    • Case vinyl cover is called ”Tolex”.
  • Hanging lamp to our kitchen
  • Watch storage box
  • Pendants cut with a scroll saw
  • Laptop stand
  • Electrical & USB plugs mounted on a nightstand
  • Plywood & plexi case for the Disney castle
  • iPhone stand
  • Support for wireless charging
    • A “cradle” of sorts that houses an Ikea charger at the bottom
    • Should automatically make sure the phone lays in a correct position to get charged
    • Could even be vertical?