Building And Flashing A New Firmware With QMK

After just setting up a QMK environment and creating and flashing a firmware for my Hotdox keyboard, I decided to write the steps down because I will inevitably forget something the next time I need to change something.

Installing the tools on macOS

The official docs are good, but the current Brew version of avr-gcc is broken and needs to be manually built from source after setting up QMK:

brew uninstall --ignore-dependencies avr-gcc@8
brew install --build-from-source avr-gcc@8

Creating a new layout

qmk new-keymap -kb hotdox

Building the firmware

qmk compile -kb hotdox -km anttti

Flashing the firmware

Once the keyboard is built, the .hex file is found in ~/qmk_firmware/.build and it can be flashed with QMK Toolbox.